"The Mortar can mow down hordes of enemies by the splash damage from its shell. Don't let enemies get too close to it!"


  • Available: at Town Hall Level 3 (TH3).
  • Size: 3*3
  • Range: 4-11 tiles
  • Attack Speed: every 5 seconds
  • Damage Type: Splash, 1.5 tiles
  • Targeted Unit Type: Ground unit. Deadly to Barbarians, Archers, or Goblins.


Can be turned into a Multi Mortar at level 8, which makes bigger splash with burst fire.


14204008,0008 Hours1693N/A
252545032,00012 Hours2074N/A
3630500120,0001 Day29351
4735550400,0002 Days41561
5840600800,0004 Days58771
69456501,600,0005 Days65782
711557003,200,0007 Days77793
814707505,000,0008 Days831104
917858007,000,00010 Days929114
10201008509,000,00012 Days1018114


  • Mortar cannot attack within 4 tiles.
  • Mortar has slow attack speed and it actually takes over a second to reach its target. Its shell can be dodged by fast troops like Barbarians or Goblins.
  • Mortar has low DPS (Damage per second): 1 shell per 5 seconds.
  • Mortar has the least hitpoints of all maximum-level defensive buildings.
  • Mortar cannot target air troops. Vulnerable to Balloons, Dragons and Minions.
  • Mortar is vulnerable to giants and lightning spells.


  • Place Mortar closely to center behind walls due to its inability to attack within 4 tiles .
  • Form a square or triangle near center so that they can cover the same area.
  • Pair Mortar with Wizard Tower and Air Defense, which helps protect Mortar from air troops and covers its blind spot.
  • Also pair Mortar with a storage, which can act as a distraction to ground troops like Giants and Goblins.


  • Achievements | Mortar Mauler:

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