"Heal your Troops to keep them in the fight!
Cast this spell to create a Ring of Healing. Your units will be healed while they are inside this ring."


  • Available: @ Town Hall 6 (TH6)
  • Required: Spell Factory Level 2
  • Housing Space: 2
  • Brewing Time: 6 minutes
  • Radius: 5 tiles
  • Number of Pulses: 40
  • Time Between Pulses: 0.3 second


LevelTotal HealingHealing per PulseCost ElixirResearch CostResearch TimeLaboratory Level
28002016,500300,0001 Day
31,0002518,000600,0002 Days2
41,2003019,0001,200,0003 Days3
51,4003521,0002,000,0004 Days6
61,6004023,0004,000,00010 Days7
71,8004525,0006,000,00014 Days8

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