Clash of Clans is now one of the hottest mobile strategy games all over the world, which is developed and published by Supercell. Coc is easy to operate but at the same time, it needs both management and strategy. Therefore it's very necessary for players to learn about some cheat or tips, especially when you are a novice gamer. Here, we've summarized some very useful and important cheats and tricks in Clash of Clans to help you behave better in this game.


My first and most important warning is paying attention to the currency system of any free-to-download game. Since gems are the most important game currency in Clash of Clans, remember, do not use your precious gems on speeding up production. Gems should be used on something really important. For example, it's a wise use of resources to spend gems on builders' huts, while spending gems on buying elixir or gold is completely a waste of resource.

Gems are hard to earn, so think twice before you use them. Think about what's really important to you and use gems wisely. Learning about when and how to use gems is a helpful strategic skill.


Taking what is above-mentioned into account, gems are so important and rare in this game. Thus the most frequently requested cheats in Clash of Clans is how to get free gems.

There sure dose have some ways to get free gems. First, successfully completing certain achievements. For example, stealing 20,000 gold will reward you 5 gems. Second, try removing obstacles like  rocks, mushrooms, trees, bushes from your base, you might find hidden gems. Notice that some of these obstacles might grow back, so keep checking.Sometimes there might have mysterious random treasure boxes in your village. Open it and you will get 25 gems.  Third, keep an eye on Clash of Clans' official Facebook or Twitter. There will be a lot events that reward gems.


Here's another important thing you need to know about COC. If you're offline, it means your base is open to be raided by other gamer. Luckily, to deal with this situation, here's a protection mechanism in Clash of Clans- SHIELD. Every new player will get a 3-day-free shield from the system. After that, once your base was attacked, the system will offer you shields depending on the extent of the damage.If 30% of your base is destroyed you'll have a 12-hour shield. If 60% of your base is destroyed you'll have a 14-hour shield. And if 90% of your town is torn down , it will add 2 more hours.

The safety time is valuable, all you need to do is making good use of the shield time. When you find yourself being attacked, you may want to attack back immediately. Taking advantage of the “revenge” time and giving him/her the nose of his/her own medicine is most players' choice. Before you attack your opponent's base you can check it through the "revenge" option. Pay attention to the opponent's layouts. Well preparation would make sure a successful revenge.

After your revenge, you'd better take some time to figure out how you can improve your army and toughen up your defense.


Many novice players may not hear about "Dead Base". As its name suggests, dead base is a base that is not played actively. In Clash of Clans, usually when a player haven't logged in COC for a long time (more than 57 hours), his/her village is called dead base where collectors and mines are still generating loot and being filled. In addition, dead bases have lots of other surprising presents and sometimes an immense amount of obstacles, since the owners haven't been online to collect the resources and clear the obstacles. So while you're playing COC, try your luck and keep an eye for the dead base.  Raiding dead base is a useful cheat to get resources easily. If you want to know more about how to find dead base, you can click into our website and view related articles.

Clash of Clans is a very attractive game where players can train their brain while have fun. We hope these Clash of Clans cheats and tricks would help.