Since Supercell firstly announced the Town Hall 12 of coc several months ago, all Clash of Clans players are looking forward to its update while Supercell remains mystery. Finally, coc Town Hall 12 is officially confirmed in a new vedio on Youtube updated by Supercell yesterday.

According to the informations from both Supercell itself and hardcore players online, at least we can picture the rough look of Clash of Clans Town Hall 12.

Basic Info on Clash of Clans Town Hall 12

  • Giga Tesla
  • The most important thing you need to know,and also, the biggest change in Clash of Clans is that "it functions as the game’s first-ever weaponized Town Hall," which means Town Hall will become a super defense building. Different from any other previous coc Town Hall, Town Hall 12 itself  is a defensive building capable of defending itself, called "Giga Tesla" The desigh of Giga Teslimplies there’s electricity.Similar to the Bomb Tower currently existing, Town Hall 12 packs heavy firepower or we can say electricity power. Clearly, Giga Tesla is the bigger brother of Tesla family.

  • Giga Evolution    
  • Another exciting thing on Town Hall 12 is that the Town Hall will emerge and evolve through constently upgrading. Same with all the other coc defensive buildings, Tesla Giga weapons can be upgraded. All five levels of Town Hall 12 are as the following image. The higher the level, the more opponents Giga Tesla can target. The 5th Town Hall can attack 4 enemies at the same time. While not fully confirmed, it seems that the hatch on top of the building might be the source of its shocking and destructive power.

    Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 Update 5 Levels | iModGame Best Game Mod apk    

  • Giga Bomb    
  • According to the official blog, we can learn that once Giga Tesla upgraded to the highest 5th level, the Town Hall itself will become a destructive bomb with explosion function and shocking damage to the opponents.

  • Other Possible Change    
  • Besides the Town Hall, certainly Clash of Clans will have more fun and exciting changes. For example, there might be new walls or new troops. The Clan wars might change too. And is it possible there are more online activities to attract people from all levels?

How to Achieve Town Hall 12 the 5th Level Fast?

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Anyway, Town Hall 12 is indeed an exciting and attractive thing in this Summer update of Clash of Clans. Let's expect more surprise changes from Clash of Clans. And if you're interested in the coc upgrade news, follow our website and we'll bring you the latest information!