Clash of Clans is a popular game which needs both management and strategy. Therefore, useful tips and guide to coc are very necessary for players especially new players.

Reasons to Farm Resources in Clash of Clans:

With levels up, the upgrading becomes more expensive. To upgrade your base you need amounts of resources, so one of the important tips in Clash of Clans is that you have to earn enough gold and elixir. Once you’ve upgraded to TH9 or TH10, you’ll need gold and elixir more than ever. Gold and elixir are very valuable resources in coc, and since they are endless resources, the way to earn enough gold and elixir is FARMING. Many players use the wrong farming strategies and don't make that much profit as they could. So today we gonna introduce some useful tips and guide to farm resources easily and fast.

Tips and Guide to Resource Farming in CoC:

  1. Avoid losing the big things
  2. In Clash of Clans, there's always one thing you want to protect most – Dark Elixir, Gold or regular Elixir. However, we all know that can't protect all of it at the same time. Make a priority of which resources you want to protect most. And here's the recommended rank :

    • Dark Elixir
    • Gold
    • Elixir

    That means you should lay out your base in this way: the Dark Elixir is in the inside core, then the Gold Storages and the Elixir Storages lie in the outside. Many players don't have such idea to pick out the priority and they want all of them, finally, they lose many resources.

  3. Get League Bonus
  4. Many people choose to lower their League to find a  more easily-attacked dead base, however, increase your League seems to be a smarter strategy- up to Crystal or higher League you'll get awesome bonuses. League Bonus will pay for most of your army costs. For example, if you're TH10+ and farm at Crystal League, you could make 400k resources and 2k Dark Elixir per attack in a high League easily. NOTE: Going for the League Bonus is only useful for farming ELIXIR and DARK ELIXIR. You won’t earn enough gold to farm, just to cover your costs.

  5. Use iModcoc apk on Hyperspace
  6. Besides the above tips, here's a very simple and convenient way to fast and easily farm resources in Clash of Clans-iModcoc apk on Android.

    • IModCoC will help you in following ways:

      1. Training Troops
      2. Collecting Resources
      3. Upgrading Walls
      4. Donating Troops
      5. Searching Dead Base
      6. Searching Loot

How to farm resources automatically with iMod CoC Bot?

To achieve easily farm resources in Clash of Clans, you need to operate as following steps:

  1. Enter google play to download the best cloud phone apk "Hyperspace" and install it on your phone.
  2. Search imodgames' official website "" in the built-in browser.
  3. Download iMod apk on its website and install.
  4. Open iModcoc in Hyperspace, start configuring your game as you like and save config.
    • The first column is Mode Combo.There are three modes: train troops and search base; train troops and donate troops; train troops, search base and donate troops.
    • The second column is more specific settings. You can choose to search both dead and active base or just dead base. Attack mode includes all around and triangle. Also, you can organize your army as you like. Besides, you can donate troops automatically or donate designated troops.
    • The third column is some personalized settings. For example, you can set re-connecting time when offline.
    • The fourth column is detailed attacking configurations.
    • The last column is setting about upgrading walls. Pay attention: make sure you have at least one available worker if you want to upgrade buildings.
  5. Open the game Clash of Clans on your Hyperspace cloud phone and iModcoc will operate as your configuration.
  6. Pay attention to the blue IMOD virtual button. Click it and there are four functions. Click "Run" to start iModcoc; "Quit" the game at any time; change your config at any time or anywhere, and hide the button.

The above is the particular tips and guide to how to easily farm resources in Clash of Clans with iModcoc. Notice that run our apk in the cloud phone Hyperspace will both free your phone's memory and maximize your game experience. If you're interested in the cloud phone service you can click on Hyperspace to get more information.