Being a professional and excellent game mod apk on Android, iModcoc aims to optimize users game experience most. Different gamers have different requirements on Clash of Clans, and iModcoc can meet every user's need through configuration: All game settings of iModcoc are configurable. This page will help you learn about the detailed information on iModcoc configuration. (aka game settings). So let's start.

iMod CoC Bot Configuration Settings

iModCoC will automatically help you to collect resources, building troops, attacking dead bases, earning loots, upgrading walls, donating troops and else. Open iModcoc on Hyperspace and start to set your configurations. There are a lot of different configurations you can do on Clash of Clans with iModcoc. These will be thoroughly explained in this section.

  1. Mode Combo.
  2. There are three different modes to choose:

    • train troops and search base;
    • train troops and donate troops;
    • train troops, search base and donate troops.
  3. Base, Attack, Army and Donate settings.
    • Base Mode: you can choose to search both dead and active base or just dead base.
    • Attack Mode: includes all around and triangle.
    • Army Combo: there are two types of combinations to organize your army. One is Barbarian and Archer, the other is Barbarian, Archer, and Giant.
    • Donate Troops: you can choose to automatically donate troops, which means iModcoc will donate troops randomly. Or you can donate designated troops, such as Barbarians, Archers, Goblin, Wizard, etc.
  4. Personalized Settings.
  5. Here offers several choices.

    • You can choose to auto-collect resources or not.
    • You can set the re-connect time when offline. For example, when offline, reconnect after 60s.Notice: When your online time is too long, your game will be forced to exit, so remember to set the re-connect time.
    • You can set the troops you whatever you want and wait for someone else donating troops for you since iModcoc will help you automatically troops.
    • You can set the attack times and break time. For example, after attacking 3 times, taking a break for 300s.
  6. Attacking Configurations.
  7. Set configurations of what kind of dead base you want to attack. For example, only auto-attack the dead base which has more than 100,000 gold and 120,000 elixir. Besides, you can pick from Archer Queen, Barbarian King and Grand Warden to attack base with troops. The "Reinforcements" will strengthen your troops.

  8.  Upgrading Walls.
  9. IModcoc will auto-upgrade your walls according to your settings. You can choose any level you want or all levels after getting the designated gold and elixir. For example, when the gold and elixir is more than 5,000,000, iModcoc will automatically upgrade all levels.


    • Upgrade walls of different levels requires different amounts of resources, so you'd better not choose to upgrade all level walls.
    • Change your settings if you want to run iModcoc all night to upgrade walls and collect resources.
    • Make sure that you have at least one available worker if you want to upgrade buildings.

When you finished altering the options, you should "Save config" to apply your changes. Of course you can simply click on "Save config" to apply iMod's pre-defined configurations.

The above is the detailed information on iModcoc configuration you need to know. With reasonable iModcoc settings,  properly use of iModcoc to farm resource, and useful tips of coc, you will enjoy a wonderful time in Clash of Clans.