Free Clash of Clans mod- Xmodgames

Xmodgames is a mobile game assistant App with various mods/accelerators for hot games including Clash of Clans mod apk, which helps players pursue their goals better and provide players with a better game experience.

Features of Xmodgames

    ►An all-around management for games, in-app launching of mods.

    ►NEW gadgets to enhance social interactions in games.

    ►Super game mods, surpass your opponents.

    ►Epic game tools, fulfill your goal in games.

Features of Clash of Clans mod

Xmodgames offers a great coc mod for gamers with following features:

  1. Sandbox Combo Templates
  2. --Used for quick switch between different combos for Sandbox scenarios.

  3. Dead Base Search
  4. --Used for finding the bases that have a great deal of resources in Gold Mine/Elixir Collector/Dark Elixir Collector.

  5. Search Loot
  6. --Used for finding an ideal base for resource raid.

    --The number of Gold/Elixir/Dark Elixir/Town Hall Level/the distance between TownHall and the edge of map/trophy of enemy can be set in Search Loot.

  7. Copy Player's Layout.
  8. --Used for collecting other players’ layout.

    --Design for junior players.

  9. Sandbox From Replay
  10. --Used for finding a strategy to win 3-star Battle War

    --Enemy Traps can be seen in Replay

  11. Sandbox Attack.
  12. --Used for finding the strategy to win 3-star Battle War.

    --Your own troops/ your castle troops/ Enemy Castle Troops/Spells can be set in random in Sandbox Attack.

  13. Real-Time Trap
  14. --Used for seeing traps in Real Attack/Battle.

    --3-Star battle log can be guaranteed.

  15. Keep Active
  16. --Used for protecting your base from being attacked by others.

    Best Alternative COC Mod to Xmodgames-IModcoc.

    Xmodgames coc mod is indeed a full-functional mod, however, it still has some critical defects.

    1. No root need on IModcoc mod apk.
    2. To use coc mod on Xmodgames, you need to root your Android phone or jailbreak your iOS device. With IModGames' mod apk running on Hyperspace, root is no longer needed when using "mod" or "bot" on android games. Gamers can enjoy the gameplay automation services and scripts offered by the best game mod app without rooting your Android in Clash of Clans and many other popular games.

    3. Imodcoc can run on virtual cloud phone.
    4. Xmodgames doesn’t support Bluestacks, Hyperspace or any other virtual machines. Cloud gaming is the unstoppable trend these days, while Xmodgames cannot satisfy users' virtual cloud device running need. Imodcoc performs well on the cloud emulator, for example, Hyperspace Cloud Android Emulator.

    5. Safer and more secure.
    6. Supercell has banned many Clash of Clans users for the use of Xmodgames since last year, which shows that Xmodgames coc mod isn't that secure. Many people say they have been banned even though they uninstalled xmod. Here's the thing, when you install clash of clans you give it permission to read your SD card. In order to prevent getting banned, don't just uninstall xmod, you need to delete junk files of xmod as well. It's really complicated and inconvenient right? However, with IModgame coc mod on Hyperspace cloud emulator, you don't have to worry about it. Imodcoc runs on Hyperspace virtual cloud emulator thus your imodcoc apk is downloaded in your virtual cloud phone Hyperspace instead of your physical phone.

    In conclusion, IModcoc is a much safer and better Clash of Clans bot.Head to imodcoc website to learn more about imodcoc bot apk and Hyperspace cloud emulator.

    How To Auto Farm Resources in CoC Without Root.

    How to use iModcoc bot apk on Hyperspace Cloud Android Emulator.