“Gems can be used to buy gold or speed up the unlocking of chests.”

What is Gem?

Like in Clash of Clans, gems are one of the most important currencies of Clash Royale. The system will reward players 100 gems when they first download Clash Royale. Gems can be earned by completing achievements, opening Chests, or purchased with real money.

Usage of Gem

  • To unlock chests. After opening one chest you cannot open another immediately. You can use gems to shorten the cooldown time and open chests instantly.(However, I strongly suggest that don't use gems to open chests.)
  • To buy Gold, Cards, and Chests.
  • To start Tournaments and Challenges.

How to Get Gems?

  • Crown and free Chests often contain 2-4 gems.
  • Winning some Special Event Challenges will reward gems.
  • Completing achievements.
    1. Join a clan. 100 gems can be earned by joining a clan, which is really simple.
    2. Donate cards. Clan members can donate cards in a clan. There are three different levels to achieve with different rewards:
      • 25 Cards Donated - (5) Exp, (3) Gems
      • 250 Cards Donated - (10) Exp, (5) Gems
      • 2,500 Cards Donated - (20) Exp, (10) Gems
    3. Road To Glory. When you reach different Arena, you will be rewarded with relevant gems.
      • Reach Arena 2 - (5) Exp, (3) Gems
      • Reach Arena 4 - (10) Exp, (5) Gems
      • Reach Arena 6 - (20) Exp, (10) Gems
    4. Collect Cards.Buying or collecting cards not only can improve your strength but also can reward you gems.There are three levels to complete:
      • Collect 20 Cards - (5) Exp, (3) Gems
      • 00Collect 30 Cards - (10) Exp, (5) Gems
      • Collect 40 Cards - (20) Exp, (10) Gems
  • Purchasing Gems.Gems can be bought from the shop.
    NamePrice(USD) Gems
    Fistful of Gems$0.9980
    Pouch of Gems$4.99500
    Bucket of Gems$9.991,200
    Barrel of Gems$19.992,500
    Wagon of Gems$49.996,500
    Mountain of Gems$99.9914,000