“Gold is used to upgrade and to buy cards.”

What is Gold?

Gold is the most basic resource of Clash Royale.You can do everything with it: to buy new cards from the Shop, upgrade your troop and cards,  or to create a Clan. Gold can be found in Chests, received from donating Cards, and earned from winning battles, also, bought with Gems.

Usage of Gold

  • To upgrade your cards. The higher the level, the more gold you need.
  • To buy cards from the Shop. It costs 10 Gold for a Common card, 100 for Rare, 1,000 for Epic and 40,000 for Legendary cards.
  • To buy Epic Chests when it is available in an offer.
  • To build a clan with 1,000 Gold.

How To Get Gold?

  • Chest
  • Every chest contains gold except for the Epic and Legendary chests. The amount of gold is based on the different chest. Open your chest on time every day to collect gold.

  • Donating Cards
  • Every time you donate a card you will be rewarded with gold. Every common card rewards 5 gold, every rare card rewards 50 gold and you get 500 gold for every epic card. So don't be selfish and try to donate cards as much as you can.

  • Winning Battles/Victory Gold:
  • Winning battles will reward you gold. It's limited to 20 battles every day. Winning 20 battles every day will make the most out of it. Of course no one can assure to win every battle, just try to win as much as you can.The gold you win may not seem much, however, many a little makes a mickle. Note: You only earn gold by winning Ladder(an Arena match), 2v2 and Custom Tournament battles. You won't earn gold from Friendly Battle and Challenge winning.

          Arena Name    Arena Number   Victory Gold
       Goblin Stadium                  1                5
       Bon Pit                  2                7
       Barbarian Bowl                  3                9
       P.E.K.K.A'S Playhouse                  4               11
       Spell Valley                  5               12
       Builder's Workshop                  6               14
       Royal Arena                  7               15
       Frozen Peak                  8               16
       Jungle Arena                  9               18
       Hog Mountain                 10               20
       Electro Valley                 11               22
  • Gems
  • Using gems to buy gold from the shop is the easiest way.

           Gold Pieces             Gems
           Pouch of Gold           1,000                60
          Bucket of Gold          10,000               500
          Wagon of Gold          100,000              4,500