Chests is the most wanted item in Clash Royale. Why? Gold, Gems, and Cards are obtained through openining chests. So that we can say that chests is the basis of playing Clash Royale. Here, we've included the detailed information tips and tricks you need to know on Clash Royale Chests.

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  1. There are many types of Chests in Clash Royale: Wooden Chest, Silver Chest, Golden Chest, Magical Chest, Legendary Chest and so on. Different types of chests contain different items. If you want to know about the detailed information on these chests, You can click here : Information on Different Types of Clash Royale Chests.
  2. Always can only get one certain chest after the battle no matter how many crowns you get in this battle.
  3. Chests which is won from battles must be unlocked so that obtaining the contents
  4. Unlock a chest takes time or gems. Or use booster bought from the shop.
  5. Every player has four chest slots, when they're full, you won't get chests even if you win a battle.
  6. The higher your Arena, the more cards you receive from the Chests.
  7. Only Free Chest and Crown Chest contain Gems.
  8. Chests always contain cards from the Arena the player earned them in and below except for Legendary Chests, which can contain a Legendary Card from any Arena.
  9. Only get 1 Crown Chest by winning 10 crowns in the battle per day.
  10. Use Clash Royale bot like imodcr to auto-open chests in time.