Clash Royale, derived from Clash of Clans, is a real-time multiplayer mobile game. Clash Royale maintains Clash of Clans with real-time strategy and card games. Jump into intense three-minute battles against human opponents, where the goal is to destroy your opponent's three Crown Towers. Clash Royale is not only about the power of the cards or your troops, it is all about STRATEGY. Today I'd like to share some very useful tips and strategy to help you enjoy this game more.

Join A Clan

Similar to Clash of Clans, when you reach King Level 3, you unlock the right to join a clan in Clash Royale. Joining a clan no doubt a good idea for the following reasons. As a new player, clans can help you a lot. In clans, you can donate the cards you don't need to gain gold and level up faster. In return, you can ask for cards you need from your fellow members. You don't have to spend money or collect cards randomly thus to save time and money. In Clah Royale you have to level up your tower'HP with leveling up King Level and upgrade your cards, which could be done by donating cards in your clan.

Clans offer you a platform to communicate with other players. In clans, you can share strategies with other members or just chat to start a friendly relationship. Also, you can play friendly battle without risks. Through those friendly battles you can better make attack strategy and have a good chance to win in a real battle.

Clans have its own chest-Clan Chest. Clan Chest will reward Clans for gathering as many crowns as possible during a three-day period. The clan earns more crowns, it will reward more Gold and better Cards. In summary, join a clan and be an active clan member in Clash Royale will benefit you a lot.

Be A Positive Player And Have Fun!

Playing games is meant to bring us enjoyment. So be a positive player is very necessary. Let me explain it in this way. Imagine that you got crushed by someone whose level is higher than you, and you’ve lost the fourth battle. What's worse is the winner starts sending you a laughing face or the crying face. You feel mad and even want to throw your phone away. Well, calm down and don't be angry

First, mute emotes. You can mute your opponent with the mute button. Enter a battle; press the emote icon and choose Mute.Thus you don't have to see the annoying laughing face or crying face. Then, replay the battle. Watching the replay several times to check out where it went wrong. Make sure you won't make the same mistake and make better strategy next time. Be a positive player, or playing games would become a negative influence. The most important thing is to make sure you enjoy your time with Clash Royale. Don't let the game destroy your mood.

Collect and Manage Gold

As a novice player, you are going to be tempted to upgrade every single card. Well, it's a waste of gold. Remember to save and manage your gold. Because when level up you may want to upgrade a card which has enough cards needed for upgrading without enough gold, however. Gold is the basic resource of Clash Royale. It can be used to upgrade Cards, buy cards or to create a Clan. There are several ways to collect gold.

  • Chest
  • Every chest contains gold except for the Epic and Legendary chests. The amount of gold is based on the different chest. Open your chest on time every day to collect gold.

  • Donating Cards
  • Every time you donate a card you will be rewarded with gold. Every common card rewards 5 gold, every rare card rewards 50 gold and you get 500 gold for every epic card. So don't be selfish and try to donate cards as much as you can.

  • Winning Battles:
  • Winning battles will reward you gold. It's limited to 20 battles every day. Winning 20 battles every day will make the most out of it. Of course no one can assure to win every battle, just try to win as much as you can.The gold you win may doesn't seem much, however, many a little makes a mickle. Note: You only get gold by winning Ladder, 2v2 and Custom Tournament battles. You don’t get them from Friendly Battle and Challenge wins.

  • Gems
  • Using gems to buy gold from the shop is the easiest way.

Here are some tips for the new player in Clash Royale.Hope that it will help and you guys will really enjoy the game. If you want to know more about Clash Royale, keep viewing our website.