To run multiple farms is what some gamers always want to do. To achieve it, you can use imodhd on Hyperspace. If you don't know how to run multiple farms on Hyperspace with imodhd, then you can read our article  Guide to Multi-farm Mode Settings on Hyperspace Android Cloud Phone. However, it's not that convenient to change accounts and switch to different farms. Constantly log in and log out may bother some gamers. HD Manager here is to solve this problem.

    Simply put, HD manager aims to manage your multiple-farms without annoying log-in and log-out. It is a very useful app to manage all your hay day accounts and farms. Here is the step-by-step tutorial on how to use HD manager+iModHD bot.

  • Launch Hyperspace and enter your cloud phone.
  • Open the built-in browser or chrome and type in "".
  • Scrow down to HD manager section and click "download" to download the apk.
  • Back to the desktop and click "downloads" to find the downloaded apk.
  • Click hd_manager.apk to install it.
  • Find "game profiles" on the desktop and click to run it.
  • Go to the setting page, and click "+" to add profiles.
  • Click "save" to save your farm profiles and remember to always grant root permission to HDManager.
  • Start Hay Day game and load your Farm 1.
  • Open HD manager and save as "Farm 1" or other names as you like to separate these multiple-arms.
  • Run Hay Day again and switch to another account. Load farm 2 and save it.
  • Repeat until you save all your farms.
  • Load all farms through hd manager. No longer need to switch accounts.
  • Start to use HD Manager+iModHD Bot.
  • Click to open farm 1 in game profiles, then enter hay day. Find multi-farm in imodhd bot and save farm 1.
  • Repeat to save farm 2,3... in imodhd.
  • Choose "multiple farms" mode in "Basics" of imodhd after all farms are saved.
  • Start boting an enjoy the auto-farm journey.
  • Use hyperspace can bot hay day 24/7.

The above is the detailed steps on how to use imodhd bot+HD manager to run multiple farms. Is it clear and understandable enough for you? If not, you can watch our tutorial video on youtube: