In another article we have introduced the guide to single farm settings. This passage will focus on how to run multiple farms with imod hay day bot on Hyperspace.

  • Multiple farms settings
  • Pay attention: if you want to run multiple farms on Hyperspace cloud emulator with imodhd bot, you need to log in your accounts and save your farm respectively.

    Save your multiple farms as Farm 1, Farm 2, Farm 3...Remember the serial numbers of your farm. Set farm 1, farm 2, farm the single farm and save them respectively.

    Set the area of Farm 1's field to plant and harvest wheat. One cycle means "harvest-plant-shop-guest. "Run 0 cycle and then stop" means to run indefinitely. Also, you can set a long or short break time as you like. Set Farm 2 as the above Farm 1's setting, then Farm 3,4...Remember, save your multiple farms respectively.

  • Blue Imod Virtual Button.
  • Click the blue floating virtual button and there are following functions.

    • Click "Run" to start iModhd, and click "stop" to suspend the process;
    • Click "Quit" to exit iModhd at any time;
    • Click "config" to change your configuration at any time or anywhere;

At last, remember to click "Save config" to apply your changes. Using imod hay day bot on Hyperspace will bring you surprising benefit.

If you still don't know how to set multiple farms with imodhd on Hyperspace, you can watch our tutorial video on youtube: