Diamond is the most valuable currency in Hay Day while gold and coins are also very important. These currencies are used to purchase everything in the game. Thus the most frequently asked question is how to get free or unlimited diamonds and coins in Hay Day? If you have the same need, then keep reading. All those currencies can be bought with real money, so this guide will mainly focus on how to get free diamonds and coins in hay day.

How to get free coins in Hay Day?

Coins is the main and important currency in Hay Day. Players can use coins to buy almost all items in the game. Coins can be earned in various ways:

  • Give 350 coins to players at the start of the game.
  • Get coins through completing truck, boat and town orders.
  • Get coins randomly through mystery boxes.
  • Earn coins randomly through popping Tom's ballon.
  • Get coins randomly by spinning the Wheel of Fortune.

How to get free diamonds in Hay Day?

Diamonds are the premium currency of the game which can be used to buy special decorations or progress faster. Diamond is the most valuable currency in Hay Day for its various usages. Diamonds can be used to:

  • Make two special products: mystery nets and diamond rings.
  • Skip waiting times between riverboats and random catalog ads
  • Get missing items
  • Buy certain decorations
  • Get one extra task in derbies
  • Shuffle rewards in derbies
  • Add new machine slots

Getting free diamonds through in-game means:

  1. Facebook
    • Every time you level up or have a successful fishing trip, you’ll come into contact with a few Diamonds for your troubles. Go ahead and sync your Facebook account with the game so you can nab some free Diamonds, too.
    • Get 1 diamond from following Hay Day on Facebook.
    • Get 5 diamonds by using hay day with Facebook account.
    • Synchronize your Facebook with the game, you'll get diamonds every time you level up.
  2. Level Up
    • Every time you level up, you will receive 1 or 2 diamonds.
    • Once you reach level 24, start mining for diamonds.
    • Once you reach level 27, go fishing for diamonds.
  3. Other Hay Day Cheats
    • You can randomly get diamonds when you search through mystery boxes.
    • Complete the achievements to get diamonds.
    • Keep an eye on Hay Day's Facebook page. Supercell will release special competitions where you can get diamonds.

Is it possible to get unlimited diamonds in Hay Day? Hay Day Hack? Hay Day Prank?

Some apps claim that they can help get unlimited diamonds in Hay Day, however, it has little possibility to achieve it without any account safety threat. So stay clear of the phishing sites.