Hay day bot apk requires root permission (or any other hay day Bot apk for that matter). Most Android phones is hard to root these days, and it is also not safe. That's why we recommend that running hay day bot apk on Hyperspace Cloud Android Phone. Essentially, Hyperspace is a pre-rooted Cloud Android Emulator app, which is a perfect match for hay day bot apk.

With Hyperspace, users can run hay day bot apk all day long on a cloud-based android device without issues like battery draining or device occupation.

Steps to Run hay day Auto-script on Hyperspace

Step 1: Download and Install Hyperspace

Get Hyperspace on Google Play. Click the button below or search "Hyperspace Cloud Android" in Play Store.

Get Hyperspace on Google Play, best cloud androId emulator and cloud gaming platformGet HyperSpace ON Google Play

Or download Hyperspace APK directly.


Step 2: Launch Hyperspace and sign in.

Make sure you sign up with a valid email (or log in with your Google account). You will be assigned with a specific Android device running in the cloud. The device (and its data) will be linked to your account.

Step 3: Open Hay Day download page in built-in browser.

Hyperspace Cloud Android Phone is just like a real Android device running in the cloud. The operations are the same to your own Android phone. Click "Browser" and type "www.imodagmes.com" in the address bar. Download hay day bot apk and install it.

Step 4: Download Hay Day in Play Store.

You need to log in your google account before using any Google apps. Be assured, your info is totally secure in Hyperspace. 

Step 5: Run Hay Day bot script and let iMod handle it.

Hay Day bot will automatically help you to grow, harvest and sell crops.

Why use Hyperspace to run Hay Day Bot

  • 24/7 online
  • With Hyperspace Cloud Phone, you just let it run in the cloud 24/7 nonstop

  • Safety
  • First of all, we promise that your private account information is a secret. Second, hay day bot won't hack Supercell's server or hack anything. It's just a safe and convenient assistant tool, especially running it in Hyperspace means that you can check out the bot and in the meantime isolate it from your local device.

What can free and best Hay Day bot do

Imodgames hay day bot can help you with:

  • Auto growing, harvesting, and selling crops. Imod hay day bot also can auto put your goods on sale and sell it to visitors.
  • Auto buying supplies in other player's shop.
  • Easy to switch multiple accounts for people who want to manage several farms.

Go experience hay day bot on Hyperspace cloud phone and start your wonderful game journey!