Hay Day is a fun game which needs both strategy and time. Many gamers wonder an easy way to play this game better. IModGame Hay Day bot aims to help gamers perform better in hay day with functions including auto-plant, harvest and auto-sell items in shops. All game settings of iMod hay day bot are configurable. This page will help you learn about the detailed information on iModhd configuration. 

iModhd will automatically help you to plant, harvest, sell items in shops and sell items to visitors. Open iModhd on Hyperspace and start to set your configurations. You can run both single farm and multi-farms with imodhd on Hyperspace.

  • BASICS        
  • Basic settings apply to both single farm and multiple farms.

    1. Plant and harvest: you can choose the planting speed including fast and steady to auto-plant and auto-harvest wheat.
    2. Sell in shop: set the price of wheat as you like in shop by default/maximum/minimum.
    3. Sell to guest: set how long you want to spend to search for guests.
  •  Single Farm Settings        
  • You can set the area of field you want to plant and harvest. And one cycle means "harvest-plant-shop-guest. "Run 0 cycle and then stop" means to run indefinitely. Also, you can set a long or short break time as you like.

At last, remember to click "Save config" to apply your changes. Of course you can simply click on "Save config" to apply iMod's pre-defined configurations. Using imod hay day bot on Hyperspace will bring you surprising benefit, for example, imodhd will auto-collect hundreds of tools for you in 8 hours without collecting them by yourself.

If you still don't know how to set single farm with imodhd on Hyperspace, you can watch our tutorial video on youtube: