Hay Day, one of the best farming games ever, is a mobile strategy game where players manage their farm, grow crops, and sell goods to people. Managing a farm in this game is a time-consuming job and running your business also requires smart strategies and techniques. To become a master farmer, keep reading and we'll equip you with following useful cheats and tips. Use these time-saving and resource gathering Hay Day tricks, tips and cheats to stay ahead of the game.

Predict the Future: determine items you’ll need in the future.

If you are a novice Hay Day player, remember to determine items you’ll need in the future to complete shipments while you level up. The detailed steps are as follows:

  • Find the delivery boy, click on him.
  • Choose “No Thanks”.
  • The delivery boy will then go across the road and lie down in a field. Above his head you’ll see a bubble where images of items pop up  to complete future shipments.

Search Unlocked Treasure Chests

This hay day cheat is very useful and effective in the early part of the game. You may need to try as many as 30 times to find an unlocked treasure chest.

  • Find a toolbox on a follower, helper or friend’s farm. If the box is closed, tap the screen except the x button to open it.
  • Go to another PEOPLE’s farm and find a same tool box. If the tool box is unlocked, you can take everything inside away. You can find tools and other things which can be used to keep your farming running smoothly. You can find the tools you found in the tool box in available farming tools wheb you are back to your farm.
  • If the toolbox is still locked, keep doing the same process until you find a toolbox that’s unlocked. You can keep getting free stuff using this method, at least as long as it continues to work.

Get Free Diamonds

Instead of coins, diamonds are truly the most valuable currency in Hay Day. Of course you can buy diamonds with real money, for example you can get dozens of diamonds for just a few dollars,however, many gamers don't want to spend too much money on a game. Here I will simply share some useful tips and cheats to get free diamonds in hay day.

Every time you level up, you will receive 1 or 2 Diamonds. This will become the staple of your diamond supply, so is not to be sniffed at.

– Follow Hay Day on Facebook will reward you 1 diamond.

– You can randomly get diamonds when you search through mystery boxes.

- Once you reach level 24, start mining for diamonds.

- Once you reach level 27, go fishing for diamonds.

– Complete the achievements to get diamonds.

- Keep an eye on Hay Day's Facebook page, and enter competitions from Supercell to get diamonds.

Hay Day is a very attractive farming game where players can get rest and have fun. We hope these hay day cheats and tricks would help.