What is JumpBall.io?

Jumpball.io is a super fun online multiplayer game with AR mode, only available on the App Store for iOS devices for now. This intensive battle royale game is charactered by a cute one-eye ball. It is a well-designed io game that requires two hands on deck to play.

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Play Modes of JumpBall.io

  • Online Mode: Play with real online players all over the world at any time.
  • Offline/Bot Mode: Play with a bot. Can select bot level. Start with Beginner level. Unlock the next one by completing certain wins.

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  • v.s Friend: Create a room code and then invite your friends to play together by entering the code.
  • AR Party: Gathering a bunch of friends, Scan the desk with your phone to set up AR map, and then you can start a fierce three-minute multiplayer battle.

How to Play JumpBall.io - Homp and Stomp!

  • The Goal

    In Jumpball.io, you are a cute one-eyed ball character. In the game, you can jump to crush enemies, conquer and expand the battleground. Ths main goal of the game is to collect beans which are spread throughout the arena to grow bigger. At the end of the match, the biggest player is the winner. Each match is limited in 3 minutes.

  • Game Control

    The game has two controls. On the lower left of the screen is the joystick, using it to operate the ball freely around the arena and on the lower right is the jump button to jump up. You need to move the ball around the map and turn the tiles into your own color. Everytime you jump and land, the tiles around you will flip over and change into your color.

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  • How to Win

    To become the biggest ball you have to keep collecting coins.There are several ways to create coins. Jumping and changing the colors of the tiles. Or by knocking back other balls by jumping and flipping the tiles they are stood on. Bouncing another ball will drop some big coins, and hitting a ball will reward you a large chunk of his beans.Thus you could increase your size faster and have a great chance to win.

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Tips from JumpBall.io

  • Biggest ball wins.
  • Your enemy will drop beans if you kill or knock them back.
  • The longer you press the jump button, the higher you jump.
  • Be the biggest ball and keep that crown on your head till the end to win. The more you eat, the bigger you grow.
  • Balls of the same color can't harm one another and share all territories.

Game Rules of JumpBall.io

  • You will be given a star after finishing one online match. Top 3 can get a gold star, ranking 4-8 will earn you a silver one, the left take the bronze.

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  • Set up 3 stars into the cast and open, earn rewards.

    Star Chest of JumpBall.io | iModGame - The Best Game Mod APK

  • A-few-minute cooldown will be needed after systhesis of the chest.
  • The better the stars will be the higher level of the chest, you can continue to work through the collection of 3 gold star and then synthesize. P.S. You cannot get a gold star from the beginner and normal Bot mode.

Tricks and Cheats in JumpBall.io

Jumpball.io seems easy to operate, but actually it's a tactical game. So you need to bear some useful tricks in mind.

  • The longer you hold the jump button, the higher you jump.
  • Your enemy will drop beans if you kill or knock them back.
  • You'll move faster on your own colored tiles and move slowly on other colored tiles.
  • The jump time is very important. Jump the moment your enemy jump and land after it when you're in the same lane.
  • Make good use of the ball who has just been knocked back. Because at that moment it will be dizzy and move very slowly.
  • Be careful not get out off the arena and wisely move to push other balls off the arena boundaries.
  • There is an arrow that shows you the location of the biggest ball if it is out of your field of view.

    Crown Location of JumpBall.io | iModGame - The Best Game Mod APK

  • Be more careful when you're the biggest ball.The biggest is usually the most vulnerable one. Pay attention to those tiny balls.

Jumpball.io is really a fun and attractive game that will entertain you for hours. Download Jumpball.io on App Store now, and go gather some friends or just enjoy it by yourself