Piano Tiles 2, a single-player online music game, is the sequel to the popular game Piano Tiles (Don't Tap the White Tile). With the levels up, player's can unlock many other songs and of course the songs will be faster and more difficult. We have done some researches on the hardest song of this game and here is the list of some hardest song in Piano Tiles 2:

  1. The Fountain- a level 12 song-This one is pretty fast.
  2. Hungarian Dance No.5 - a level 14 song-It may seem easy in the beginning but after the second star, it's nearly impossible.
  3. Polka- a level 16 song-It's very fast after all the stars.
  4. Moonlight Sonata - a level 19 song-The speed is pretty CRAZY.
  5. Fantaisie Impromptu- a level 20 song-Faster than Moonlight sonata but it's fun.
  6. Rondo a Capriccio- a level 24 song-It is the longest non purchasable song in the game so far .This stage is notable for sudden double tiles.
  7. Etude de Virtuosite in E- a level 26 song-BREATH TAKING speed. This one is perhaps the fastest song in the game.
  8. Flight of the Bumblebee - This song is pretty fast and it’s pretty expensive. It costs 20000 coins to unlock.
  9. Star Clock - It has the fastest starting speed in the entire game and is one of the hardest songs to score three crowns on.
  10. Christmas Zoo- This might be one of the craziest song in the whole game. It combines Sliders, Double Tiles and Big Tiles.